Eco-Homes – By John Bridge

John Bridge on 08/04/2019

Designing beautiful and eco-friendly modern homes is a passion of ours. We are inspired by autonomous living and care about the pending depletion of natural resources. A massive part of our ethos is based upon the future, the design strategies employed are centred upon the impact new buildings have on the environment.

Eco-design is at the heart of our business; we are driven by the latest techniques and materials to create a sustainable space. We become even more enthused when our clients have the same outlook on the environment as we do. Such as our most recent
planning permission we have achieved, for a unique project in Fulwood, Preston.

This new contemporary eco-home replaces a run of the mill 1970’s bungalow, that was no longer fit for purpose, with a large single floor footprint that takes up most of the site. Our brief from the client was to explore the possibility of a two-storey dwelling, with a sub-level garage with a stunning garden over the top. The design was to be contemporary and they also wanted lots of opportunity for solar panels. This would provide a replacement dwelling fit for their purpose in the 21 st century.
The site context was challenging as we negotiated around solar study diagrams, contextual massing studies of the adjacent dwellings, and also the gradient required for the sub-level garage.

The dwelling itself also needed sufficient storage for rain water harvesting, a battery bank for the solar panels and, of course, plenty of space to store belongings adequately, so the client can enjoy a beautiful open-plan layout without the worry of clutter and mess. A sophisticated walk-in-wardrobe is a must-have for such an exquisite and fashionable space. The interesting element to the garage is an automated turntable, enabling the vehicles to go back up the ramp in forward gear. We want our clients to live out their lifestyle to the full, without having to adapt and suffer from ever increasing energy bills. From electric car charging points to sustainable materials, the specification is scrutinised for environmental gain. Especially the selection of modern methods of construction, such as SIP (Structurally Insulated Panels). These are just some of the things included to ensure our new eco-homes won’t have a detrimental impact on the environment. This makes it so much simpler for the new owners to have a positive effect on the environment without even noticing on a daily basis.

The health of my clients is key, there is so much beauty in natural light, from letting the brightness of a peaceful sunrise break through your windows giving you fresh start to each new day, to the gorgeous nature of a relaxing sunset end it. Envisaging our clients letting the beauty of the sky lead their day is our main inspiration. This is why we have ensured that the designs are led by the clock in the sky with large windows and glazed balustrades to the garden, linking the living spaces to the amenity space. The health benefits derived from the gentle guidance of light, known as Circadian Rhythm, allows for the homeowners to feel more energised and in-tune with their day. For the Fulwood Eco-Home, the unique subterranean space is a are spectacular focus from the rear, which grounds the project on the outskirts of suburbia.

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