John Bridge on 19/10/2019

“Designing beautiful and eco-friendly modern homes is our passion!”

Inspired by autonomous living and concern over the pending depletion of natural resources. A massive part of Architects ethos, is based upon the future, the design strategies employed are centred upon the impact new buildings have on the environment. Eco-design should be at the heart of every home design, driven by the latest techniques and materials to create a sustainable space. We become even more enthused when our clients have the same outlook on the environment as we do. Which is why I believe that the Self-Build market is stronger than ever. With the likes of Grand Designs showing examples on T.V., for some 20 years now, the proof is out there and lessons have been learnt.
Our definition of self-build isn’t quite what it says on the tin. We don’t advise that you do all the design, actually build and manage the project…. Unless, you want that.

This is about collaboration

The easiest way of going about taking on a self-build project, is to buy a run-down house in an area of choice, that is no longer fit for purpose. You can then commission an Architect to give you advice on what is possible, and ultimately design your dream home ‘with you’. This is afterall a collaboration, between home owner and professionals. It allows you to make the choices, with a
safe pair of hands guiding you through Planning Policy and Building Regulations. This is how you can achieve both creativity and careful control over your available budget. For a contemporary new build eco home, you could be budgeting between £1200-£1500 p/Sq.m. All subject to site constraints and client choices / specification. This price bracket can vary from county across the UK of course, but up here in Lancashire, that kind of budget will get you a fantastic insulated foundation raft system, a pre-fabricated SIP volume and excellent quality glazing for those all-important views / naturally lit spaces.

Site by site can be challenging,

as you need to position your dwelling carefully and consider grain of the neighbouring buildings, as well as the solar path and privacy factors. What rooms require more natural sun-light, and which rooms need to be darker. We believe new 21 st century dwellings need sufficient storage, for both rain water harvesting, battery banks for the solar panels and, of course, plenty of space to store belongings adequately, so the client can enjoy a beautiful open-plan layout without the worry of clutter and mess. A sophisticated walk-in-wardrobe is a must-have for such an exquisite, fashionable and personal space. We want our clients to live out their lifestyle to the full, without having to adapt and suffer from ever increasing energy bills. From electric car charging points to sustainable materials, the specification is scrutinised for environmental gain. Especially the selection of modern methods of construction, such as SIP (Structurally Insulated Panels). These are just some of the things included to ensure new eco-homes won’t have a detrimental impact on the environment. This makes it so much simpler for the new owners to have a positive effect on the environment without even noticing on a daily basis. Self-build projects can be massively rewarding, both in terms of the DIY nature of many of the processes you go through, but also financially. With the right guidance from an Architect and Contractor, you can undertake your own Grand Designs project on a budget.

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