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Kew Gardens Tree House Competition 2022

“The concept of our treehouse is inspired by nature’s growing cycle…”

  • Clients: Ethan Hunt

“The concept of our treehouse is inspired by nature’s growing cycle and how organics can influence a vernacular treehouse form. The treehouse and ramp access references cellular patterns within Mycelium. The structure connects arbitrary forms found in nature and mimics trunks of trees that support the ‘canopy’. CLT pine ribs are cut by a CNC process, creating cascading asymmetrical ribbed elements. The end facades are perforated, creating a nature inspired design.

The ramp’s form represents molecular compounds, creating an interactive experience with node landings. Following a gradual elevational rise, guests arrive at their destination between the Kew’s Black Pine Tree trunks. Here, the user is immersed by the sculpted form. Up-cycled fishing nets infill the rib sections. Below the treehouse you see and interact with Fungi. The columns host Mycelium plugged sheaths that add to the educational experience for visitors of Kew Gardens.”

Project Photos