Planning your own grand redesign

John Bridge on 05/03/2019

After the Christmas break, I notice a change in the way people think about their current homes. People tend to want a fresh start for the new year. By the next Christmas they sometimes aspire to celebrate somewhere different, somewhere untouched by the love, happiness and joy they have experienced in their current home; clear from memories, somewhere that represents the future. Over the years their enthusiasm for their home has faded and they’re left lusting after change, excitement and a revamp within their day-to-day lives.

As an RIBA Chartered Architect, I have the daily pleasure of gifting people their dream home. However, somewhat surprisingly, owning your dream home doesn’t necessarily mean you have to move. I have worked on so many projects where all a home needs was some time, care, investment and attention to grow into a new beginning and bless my clients with the same excitement they would get if they moved into a new house .

New home, new life but same place

At this time of year, when tradition tells us to build resolutions, it’s easy to get trapped into thinking that we need to adjust everything in our lives to accommodate for the new versions of ourselves. When we’re thinking about change it’s important to remember that our lives aren’t always imperfect. Change doesn’t have to mean new. When you think about your home you remember the important things; where your child took their first steps, the dogs favourite spot in front of the fireplace, that chip in the wall from that party that you never wanted to fix because it reminded you of one of the best nights of your life. Memories are what makes your home special and whilst moving might seem like the only solution to revamp your home life, regeneration can bring purpose and life back into your house.

Reasons you should consider

I have a passion for regeneration and want to share that love across Lancashire. Some of the main things I think people should consider when looking at giving their property a new lease of life are:

Bullet Points:

  • Consider your priorities: quality, cost and time
  • Don’t Move – Improve, or:
  • Buy a run-down/unloved property in a good area and refurb!
  • Refurb or New Build – Assess your budget and appetite!
  • Consider your priorities: quality, cost and time
  • Get professional advice: Chartered Architects and Surveyors
  • Go green!: consider eco-credentials, renewable energy & insulation
Interior home JBstudio

Regeneration is perfect for those who are happy in their home, but just need some help to love it again. My ethos involves utilising the latest materials and approaches to create sustainable, comfortable and affordable spaces. I am passionate about great design, and know that it’s a process that begins and ends with people. My team brings the human touch to every project, bringing a consultative and collaborative approach that’s as personal as it is professional.