Eco Skyscraper For Preston

John Bridge on 29/12/2020

Our last R&D project this year was for an Eco Skyscraper in Preston. It’s certainly a little bit different to the skyscrapers you usually see in the UK. Here’s a video to explain our design a little bit more. “From the feedback we’ve had on social media through this skyscraper design and some of the others I’ve spoken about in previous videos, the idea here is we’re talking about Preston being a new age city. We are a little bit different to Liverpool and Manchester on purpose. We are the alternative. We should know our worth and it’s absolutely right that we can have these nice buildings and spaces. It’s within our reach. With some good energy, some great people out there who can be part of these designs and some good investment, we can make these projects happen. There’s no shame in coming up with some creative ideas that really start off these conversations.” Let us know what you think in the comments.